Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mac's Semi-Precious Mini-Haul and Review

A title full of hyphens, that one! But what is this? Could it be..? A blog post? Yes! I'm finally back! I'm not sure if I'm going to be filming videos anymore (..I'm terribly awkward, after all) but I did film a video for this! I'll decided if I'll upload it when I actually view it!

Swatches and more after the break!

I was, like many, very excited about this collection when I first viewed the product photos. After the lovely Temptalia's review, however, I was a bit apprehensive about buying into the "Mineralize Craze" that engrosses many a MAC collector from time to time. The lighter shades in particular were not very pigmented, and while the darker shades had decent pigmentation whether they were used wet or dry, not of them caught my eye. I did pick up one though, even though it may have been because it looked beautiful in the pan..) called Rare Find.

With Flash

Natural Light
This is an eyeshadow with magenta, brown, and slightly green veining in the pan. Gorgeous! I just drooled looking at it. In application it's a little.. meh. But I was expecting such. When swatched, it's a very sheer purple; more of the brown shows. Wet, It's the same basic color, just a little deeper. I really want to bring out the purple in this.. I will attempt a look later on to see what I can do!

Overall: B-

I bought one blush, Flushed Amber.

I love, love, love this color. A cool toned pink with lavender elements in it! Completely pigmented! When I went to swatch it, I barely touched my finger against it and it felt like butter. One of the best aspects of Mac's mineralize collection in general is their blushes. Conjure Up from the Magic, Mischief, and Mirth collection from forever ago was one of my favorites until it broke. *tear.* I'm really excited to see this one on my cheeks.
Lightly Swatched, Heavily Swatched
Overall: A

Last but not least is Natural Flare. Cremesheen glasses are not the best bang for your buck in terms of price vs. quanity, but it's not enough to make me avoid it completely. I have not gone through a single lipgloss to date anyway. Natural Flare is a nude beige with blue microshimmer. It can't hurt to have another neutral color in my collection. I paired this with Viva Glam Gaga 2 and it made it fairly wearable! Very handy.

Overall: A-

This collection was a miss for me, but not on an epic scale. I didn't pick up any of the MSF because they all were unbelievably frosty - something I don't dig. The lipsticks were lustres and frosts - again, not something I prefer. The brushes.. ah the brushes. Gimmick much?! I had the opportunity to witness some of the MAC artist trying them out on each other and I just yawned. What's the point? I'd rather just use another brush to blend and apply eyeshadow, flipping it over is nice in concept. In practice, just unnecessary.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? And stay tuned for a look using these products and *crosses fingers* a video!

Stephanie x

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