Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spotlight: MAC Rebel Lipstick

In preparation for MAC's new collection, MAC Me Over, I'm reviewing a lipstick that will be released in this collection (Although it is a permanent shade.) This collection will be released on August 25th.

 MAC's Rebel l/s is a satin, dark vampy berry color. It applies like a dream and is vampy enough to work in the fall without being 90s-era goth.

(Taken indoors, this color is a little darker than real life)

The second picture is the truest to life. I love this lipstick, even if I rarely have the courage to wear it in public! 

I am already creating a wish list for this collection! I'm fairly excited! (But I don't want to spend money.. yes I'm a cheapo.)

My list:
$14.50 Runaway Red Lipstick
$14.50 Moleskin Eyeshadow
$14.50 Outre Eyeshadow
$14.50 Social Light Lipstick 

That's all for now! Visit Temptalia to see swatches of MAC Me Over products!

Do you have your eye on anything in this collection? Anything specifically you want to see reviewed? Let me know in the comments. :)


  1. Ahhh! I love how Rebel looks on you and have convinced me to buy it. XD
    I'm so looking forward to MAC Me Over! I'm planning on buying:
    Offshoot lippie
    Runaway Red lippie
    Prince Noir lippie
    Rebel lippie
    Dark Envy fluidline
    Carbonized eyeshadow
    Stunner blush

  2. You should definitely get it!
    I am sooo excited for Runaway Red!