Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inglot 40 Palette Swatches & Review: Part 1

My.. precious!!

I went there guys. Haha. I've been dreaming about getting Inglot eyeshadows forever and now I finally have! Because my arm can only handle so much swatching, I'm going to split this up into 3 parts! :) Unfortunately a few colors are used, I took senior pics on Saturday and I need to use these colors! 

Starting from the left, top to bottom:

Pearl 421: A redder bronze with a nice sheen. Beautiful! Slight pigmentation issue, but I will attribute it to the fact that I didn't use a base.
Pearl 422: A grey-ish brown that reminded me a bit of satin taupe. Again, a beautiful sheen.
AMC 52: If the two next to it had a baby!
Matte 360: Beautiful cool toned mid-brown. SO pigmented.
Matte 357: A matte red based brown. Also pigmented.

Matte 337: A pinky mid-tone brown, gorgeous.
Matte 344: A lighter brown, almost grey with pink undertones.
Matte 362: Bubblegum pink
Matte 366: True red, I think I just put this in here for the heck of it!
AMC 510: A shummery cantaloupe, not too pigmented.

Peal 403: A shimmer light yellow.
AMC 59: A chartreuse green, a color I've been wanting forever! Pigmentation was so so.
AMC 58: Kelly green with silver shimmer.
Matte 384: Cooler toned green, very pigmented.
Mate 333: Forest green, also pigmented.

The packaging had it pros and cons. The eyeshadows are nearly impossible to move (..I didn't even try to move them!) and AMC 510 got a ding in it without me even noticing it. The packaging is pretty sturdy although I won't be throwing this palette around anytime soon. The cover snaps on magnetically over the entire palette, which is a little irritating. I think it would have been better if it just flipped up; it makes the palette about twice as bulky.

Overall: A-

What are your favorite colors?


  1. the bubgglegum pink looks cute ^^

  2. ah, perfect swatches! i love the neutral browns!

  3. lol the first picture
    I still haven't gotten any Ingot! :[
    they look great nice swatches

    hope you'll follow back